Seller Information


  1. Registry consists of seller’s name, address, telephone number.  Please provide or obtain your Pa Vegetable Marketing Information at this time.
  2. Seller’s number is to be used on all lots of product offered for sale at the Leola Produce Auction, Inc.  Remember, this number will identify your lots for payment, so be sure the number is correct and legible on your tickets.  It is a great idea to keep a record of your items – date sold, each lot quantity and product. This will greatly help if you have any questions.
  3. Cart rows 1 & 2 will include a minimum of 5 boxes and a maximum of 14, in which any lot over 8 will have the option to be sold in half.
  4. Bulk area will have a minimum of 15 or more; Any lots of 30 or more will have the option of splitting in half.
  5. Seller is responsible for the unloading, stacking and labeling their product.
  6. Seller is responsible for the proper grading and packaging of their  product to the standards set by Leola Produce Auction, Inc. (check in the office for guidelines)
  7. Leola Produce Auction, Inc. reserves the right to refuse to sell any product of inferior, poor condition or quality, improperly packaged, or weight inconsistency.  This is determined through the management of Leola Produce Auction, Inc.
  8. Where a clear misrepresentation of product has been made, Leola Produce Auction, Inc. reserves the right to withhold payment until proper restitution has been made by seller.  Management will negotiate.
  9. Checks will be issued in payment for product sold, less the appropriate commission at the Leola Produce Auction, Inc. for product sold for the auction week and available for pickup the following Tuesday at the office.  Checks will be mailed only at the seller’s request.
  10. Sellers shall not split lots of the same grading onto several carts.  The auction gives the buyers the option to split the lot when selling providing the most bidders for your product.
  11. Seller shall pack their produce in a new or good used produce box.  Produce packed in non-vegetable boxes or box not suitable for the product is not acceptable.
  12. Single boxes:  anything less than 2 full boxes will be sold on table lots, with the exception of asparagus and indian fingers, which are sold by bunches.
  13. By registering for a seller’s identification number, seller agrees to the terms set forth above.